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Naptural Fiber
The best braiding styles rely on this hair product, which uses finger-friendly soft, strong & resilient Naptural Fibers constructed of flame retardant technology. Our latest Naptural Fiber synthetic technology pairs top performance in hair braiding, with the look and feel of natural hair like your own!

Available Colors :
1 1B 2 27 30 350 4 51 99J BUG M1B30 M1BBUG PURPLE

Benefits :
• Flame Retardant
• Lasting Texture
• Feels Like Human Hair
• Super Light with Volume
• Soft & Manageable
• Finger Friendly

"Dread Free Locs!" Finally, locs that aren’t a dread to wear or install, Afri-Naptural Silk Dreads facilitates your time for more beauty! Afri-Naptural Silk Dreads have a natural touch and feel, not to mention soft on the fingers. Install by crocheting, Afri-Naptural Silk Dreads have great manageability that allows to create quick and easy styles for every day wear. Dread free Locs, feel the silk with Afri-Naptural Silk Dreads!
Item Code: TWB07