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Take a breath of fresh air with Trill™, our line made with 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair! Crafted by Mother Nature herself, our Trill™ Brazilian Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair exudes innate beauty and allure. By collecting only from human hair donors with truly healthy, real virgin hair, we are able to deliver the purest and rawest quality of human hair under the sun. And with this 3 bundles plus 13” x 4” Ear to Ear lace closure, you can achieve a full head of hair in no time! The 13” x 4” lace gives you unlimited parting abilities. So stand tall and be proud with hair at its purest form! It’s Trill™ - the only True & Real Hair to Dye for!

Available Lengths:
STRAIGHT 10"/12"/14" + 13X4 CLOSURE 10"
STRAIGHT 12"/14"/16" + 13X4 CLOSURE 10"
STRAIGHT 14"/16"/18" + 13X4 CLOSURE 12"
STRAIGHT 16"/18"/20" + 13X4 CLOSURE 14"
STRAIGHT 18"/20"/22" + 13X4 CLOSURE 14"

Available Colors:

• 100% Unprocessed Human Hair
• Longer Lasting Healthy Texture
• Tolerates Bleach up to 40 vol.
• Great Color Results
• Great Perm Results
• Longevity
Item Code: TRW1302