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Available Colors:
1 1B 2 BLUEBLACK SH4/30 SR1B/30

• Flexibility
• Soft & Skin Friendly Lace
• Maximum Comfortability
• No Irritation
• Breathable Fabric
• Hand Tied 4 x 4 Lace Coverage
• Honeycomb Lace Structure
• Undetectable, Easy to Cut Hairline

Soft & Swiss Puts you in the Spotlight!
Enjoy countless possibilities with our new Red Carpet Soft Swiss 4x4 Lace Wig! Our Soft Swiss Lace provides you with all day comfort and no irritation. Red Carpet Soft Swiss Lace is hand tied into a hexagonal honeycomb pattern structure, providing you with ultimate softness and flexibility. Our 4x4 spec allows for free flow partings to your liking with skin friendly lace for maximum comfortability. Put Style in the Spotlight with Red Carpet Soft Swiss Lace styles!
Item Code: RCP4404